4 People Places In Austin That Fido Will Love, Too

Dog FriendlyOf course there are loads of “dog places” to enjoy with your canine companion (pet boutiques, dog parks, the list goes on) – but for those of us who like to bring our attention-craving pups everywhere, there’s a huge difference between establishments that simply allow your friendly four-legged friends to tag along and those that make a point of making them (and you) feel welcome. Some restaurants go the extra mile with drool-worthy patios, while other businesses serve up treats or are chock full of dog-loving staff members who fawn over your pooch.

Maya Star

Although most SoCo shops are dog-friendly, Maya Star is my favorite. From a human perspective, it’s a fantastic store: trendy clothes/accessories by independent designers, an impressive gift selection, and a constant gaggle of gals ready to help with your every style selection. For a dog, just walk in the doors and you’re greeted by a whole pack of new friends who shower you with affection while your human browses the racks.

Olive & June

This place is all about the patio. At many restaurants, bringing your pet means sacrificing the aesthetic experience, as you’re escorted to an after-thought patio and half forgotten by the waitstaff, but that’s no issue here. The two-story patio is centered on a magnificent oak tree that offers shade and a soothing ambiance to the commodious outdoor space. With twinkle lights lining the sky, a dapper lineup of waiters and waitresses, and a delectable assortment of shareable small plates on the menu, Olive & June is a primo date destination – even with your favorite four-legged third wheel in tow. Speaking of which, servers are always happy to bring your buddy a bowl of water and flash a smile at a wagging tail. Insider tip: order the pork meatballs to get more bang for your buck or arrive before 6:30pm on Monday for the best happy hour specials.

HOPE Farmers Market

This farmers market is dog- and kid-friendly with a great selection of local produce and creations. Don’t forget to check out the Healthy Hounds booth, where your dog can sample endless nutritious snacks, made right here in Austin! Since loads of people bring their pets along, yours will be sure to make a new friend or two on your outing.


Check out Kyoten’s Zen garden oasis they’ve created for their awesome sushi trailer. The self-proclaimed “traileraunt” makes you happy to dine outdoors with no qualms about a lack of brick and mortar. This is high quality sushi created by veterans of shmancy restaurants like Uchi and Kome. Order box sushi (they have some of the best, not-too-fishy mackerel in town) or opt for a rice bowl. If you’re lucky enough to visit Kyoten on a day they’ve rejected a sushi experiment for human patrons, your trusty sidekick may be in for a free sashimi-grade dog treat! Plus, they’ve built a dog kennel annexing the main trailer, where one of the worker’s lovely Shiba Inu can sometimes be found.

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