As Austin Grows, Homes for Sale in Round Rock TX Fly off the Shelves

The best thing about living in sunny Austin, Texas? Smart home buyers will tell you it’s all about living just outside the city. While everyone and their brother seems to be moving to Austin, the outlying cities, like Round Rock Texas, are actually growing just as quickly. A report from KVUE earlier this month even stated that “Williamson County is said to be the fastest growing county in America.” And it’s no wonder, as an average of nearly 400 homes for sale in Round Rock TX have been snagged every day this year!

But why all this excitement about Round Rock real estate? For one, buying a house in Round Rock Texas is a great investment. Just last week, an article from Forbes pointed out Round Rock’s Williamson County on “RealtyTrac’s list of Top 25 “Hidden Gem” Counties in the US.” So that means even those homebuyers in the investor category, who are planning to rent out their properties, can find something to love about Round Rock real estate.

For homebuyers looking to raise their families and live the Austin dream, Round Rock offers a slew of benefits that just can’t be found living closer in to the city. Round Rock Texas boasts highly-rated schools like Round Rock High School, safe communities, and seemingly endless amenities, all with a much more budget-friendly price tag than comparable options inside Austin city limits.

$300,000 can buy you a 5 bedroom, 3,000 square foot home in Round Rock Texas, whereas a recent MLS search for a comparable North Austin property this past week brought up zilch. With that sort of bang for your buck, it’s obvious why homes for sale in Round Rock TX are going so fast.

And, when it comes to amenities, Round Rock is a mere 20 minute drive from downtown Austin and everything the Texas capital offers. Plus, there’s tons to enjoy right in your own backyard when you live in Round Rock. There are a multitude of shopping centers, IKEA, and a brand new HEB and In And Out, too. Many Round Rock communities are equipped with swimming pools, hike ‘n’ bike trails, dog parks, and more.

So, if you’re looking for the luxury of Austin’s modern apartment living but seek the spaciousness of a full home, Round Rock real estate may be just what you need.

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