Interior Decorating Ideas: 3D Wall Art Brings Your Rooms to Life

Interior decorating is about so much more than finding the right place for furniture and accessories. As with all great artists, the best interior decorators find inspiration in the unusual. Every wall is an opportunity to go where no decorator has gone before.

So, when you’re thinking about redecorating or you’re designing a room for the first time, you may wonder, “Where do I begin?” At Durant Design, we love to start with the perfect focal point. For as long as mankind has had the “hearth and home,” we’ve been gathering in rooms with meaningful centerpieces, from cozy fireplaces to fantastic works of art.

When you choose that one image that speaks to you, why not bring it to life in the most unexpected way? Instead of assuming every art piece is destined to be two-dimensional, imagine limitless possibilities. Here at the Durant Design studio, we know better than to think anything is impossible.

That’s why we’ve come up with a truly innovative approach to displaying art and graphics. We call it Les Niveaux, which means “levels” in French, and the layout offers a multi-dimensional visual unlike anything you’ve seen before. You can mix prints, paintings, photographs and drawings at various depths to create essentially anything your heart desires. With gallery quality results and myriad materials for fabrication, there’s no reason to settle for anything less than extraordinary.

We know that planning out your dream space can be daunting, but we’re big believers in taking it one step at a time. Sometimes, discovering your inspiration is half the battle – the rest is about finding an ally like Durant Design to help bring your vision to life. Pair the right image with the dramatic depth of Les Niveaux, and you’re on your way to a unique interior worth bragging about.


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