Weber Outdoor Fireplace Ambient Advertising

Smartphone Application: “Fireside Chat”: When activated, the app first shows kindling, but if placed around other phones with the app, the kindling ignites, and a fire is created.When a phone is removed from the group, the fire dies and the app again shows kindling.

Table Sticker: Tabletop sticker to be placed in outdoor seating areas at bars and cafés during cool and cold weather seasons.”By a fire, when someone asks how you’re doing, they really want to know. Weber Outdoor Fireplace. Gather ‘Round.”

Fireplace Table Lanterns: Candleholders made to look like Weber outdoor fireplaces will be placed on outside tables in cafés, bars, and restaurants. The candle will illuminate cutout messages at the top of the lantern. ”Made for talking. Made for listening. Weber Outdoor Fireplace. Gather ‘Round.”

Mac Blake
- Copywriter

Abby Kaplan
-Art Director

Weber iPhone ApplicationWeber Table DecalWeber Table Lantern

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